Heading into Election Day, partisans view each other not just as opponents, but as ‘deeply evil,’ supporters of either catastrophic socialism or devastating totalitarianism.

Democrats agree that climate change must be addressed. But within the party there are big disagreements about what to do.

Madison Cawthorn's campaign has issued a statement saying the language was not intended to be about race and was a "syntax" error.

With Nov. 3 just nine days away and coronavirus cases surging in many states, the new White House outbreak spotlighted the administration’s failure to contain the pandemic.

The secretaries of state and election officials you may be hearing about after Election Day

As heads of their state’s election offices, these officials -- who tend to be relatively unknown compared to other statewide officials -- are in charge of making sure their state’s election runs smoothly.

5 crucial questions with 10 days to go until Election Day

Timeline: The 165 times Trump has downplayed the coronavirus threat

The president's unfailing optimism, over time.

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In this edition: The ballot initiatives that matter this year, suburban Republicans try a different message than Trump, and why the GOP's hopeful that a new Supreme Court would go their way on election rules.

With nine days until Election Day, the campaigns are spending their Sunday in key states such as New Hampshire, Michigan and North Carolina.

Short has traveled extensively with the vice president and been in close contact with him. A close peronal aide to Pence also tested positive for the virus, officials said Sunday.

Pelosi’s commitment underscores Democrats’ confidence that they will be able to retain their majority in the House after Election Day.

The Senate is poised to vote on confirmation of the conservative jurist Monday night, and she could be sworn in as early as Tuesday for her first full day on the court.

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In 2016, Yorktown split down the middle. On Saturday, voters hoped to tip the scales.

Over the past four years, the Russian president has succeeded in growing his nation’s influence at America’s expense.

The president offered this pessimistic assessment as he said there were some GOP senators he didn’t want to help in their reelection bids.

President Trump is urgently repeating his tactics of 2016: big rallies, conspiracy theories, insulting nicknames. But the political landscape has shifted, and the effect may not be the same.

In Thursday's debate, Biden cited a letter from former U.S. intelligence officials to describe material released by Giuliani as a “Russian plant,” but the letter cites no direct evidence.

President Trump voted "for a guy named Trump" in West Palm Beach and then had a trio of appearances in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. Joe Biden returned to his native Pennsylvania for events in Bucks County and Luzerne County, two areas crucial to winning the important state.

Events have pushed the election in the former vice president’s direction and away from a president who fuels fears and speaks of carnage. But can he win?

The candidates and their surrogates have a hectic day of campaigning with just 10 days left in the election.

The Alaska Republican, who had said the Senate should not vote on a new justice so close to the election, said she wouldn’t hold her opposition to the process against Barrett.

The nominee refused to say at confirmation hearing whether the landmark same-sex marriage case was properly decided. But a pending case could make views more transparent.

Even late in the campaign, Kamala Harris’s opponents continue to mispronounce her first name. Allies say it’s an effort to signal that she is somehow foreign.

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