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Federal and state officials said they have fortified election systems since 2016, when Russian hackers scanned election-related websites and software across the country for vulnerabilities.
  • Oct 24, 2020
  • Post Reports
What record-breaking early-voter turnout means for Democrats and Republicans. How one election official is handling the “tsunami” of ballots in her Texas county. Plus, the latest on foreign election interference.
  • Oct 23, 2020
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  • Oct 22, 2020
The emails claimed to be from the Proud Boys, a far-right group supportive of President Trump, but appeared instead to be a deceptive campaign making use of a vulnerability in the organization’s online network.
  • Oct 22, 2020
As in other states, Democrats retain a distinct advantage among the 2.7 million Floridians who have mailed in their ballots so far. Republicans say they will close that gap on Election Day.
  • Oct 20, 2020
In Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Sarasota, St. Petersburg and many other Florida communities, voters lined up before the polls opened Monday.
  • Oct 19, 2020
Black voters across the country are casting their ballots at the very first opportunity, calling 2020 the most important election of their lifetimes.
  • Oct 18, 2020
  • Podcast
Which election-related legal battles are likely to have the biggest impacts? What new voting issues might emerge as Election Day gets closer? Reporter Amy Gardner on her coverage of our electoral system and the tests it faces in 2020.
  • Oct 15, 2020
Roughly 15 million Americans have already voted, setting a trajectory that could result in a majority of voters casting ballots before Election Day for the first time in U.S. history.
  • Oct 14, 2020
Texas and Georgia shattered records this week on their first days of early voting. The Washington Post's Amy Gardner explains what’s behind the long lines.
  • Oct 14, 2020