Smaller, shorter gatherings are safer, but also consider waiting until next year

Americans face agonizing decisions on gatherings as experts warn of risks from indoor events.

Companies racing to bring the tests to the wider U.S. market must make them more accurate and easier to use before they can meet federal guidelines that would allow sales directly to consumers.

Investigators found the unexplained illnesses in both trials appeared unconnected to the vaccines.

Her unusual diagnosis was followed by a long and rocky quest for effective treatment.

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It’s a poorly understood chronic illness and those affected need to hone their navigational skills. The medical profession needs to listen, too.

U.N. agency’s new report gives a stark picture of the highly contagious disease, which globally is the leading infectious killer.

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Hospitalizations are rising so quickly many facilities in the Midwest have already become overwhelmed. And the number of deaths nationally has crested above 1,000 in recent days.

The request from HHS is the latest example of efforts to use government scientists to advance the president’s political objectives. CDC career scientists are pushing back.

The panel did not consider any specific vaccine, and the session served in large part as a venue for the agency to try to reassure the general public that any vaccine will be held to a high standard.

The company says it could have sufficient data to seek a regulatory OK in November.

Some officials say there is plenty of time to seek reimbursements, but experts say they should act quickly.

The new guidance is likely to have the biggest impact on schools, workplaces and other group settings since more people are likely to be considered at risk.

About two-thirds are from covid-19, with the rest from other causes, according to a CDC report.

Doctors could decide minors age 11 and up are capable of informed consent for their own vaccinations.

The drug, tocilizumab, showed early potential but evidence since then has been conflicting.

The guidance was issued following pressure from the airline industry and amid surging cases of coronavirus in the United States and strong evidence on the effectiveness of masks in curbing transmission, according to CDC officials.

We are tracking 200 experimental vaccines aimed at ending the pandemic, a scientific quest moving at record-breaking speed.

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