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Alarmed by the worsening pandemic and a president who mocks the virus at rallies, health agency scientists are resisting the administration’s agenda in ways small and large
Scientists are deploying computer programs to make sense of the jumble of medical records, DNA sequences and clinical trials data — and their work is starting to bear fruit.
Cemetery capacity has reached critical levels in the densely populated Indonesian capital, where Islamic custom forbids cremation.
  • 12 hours ago
Top scientist predicts a long and potentially deadly winter as infections and hospitalizations spike across the country.
The woman’s death on a Spirit Airlines flight in July highlights gaps in the nation’s efforts to keep travelers safe.
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All nonessential business were ordered to close for a month amid fears that cases could overwhelm British hospitals.
For Germany, it could be December. For Belgium, it could be this week.
Disruptions to consular services around the world have made it difficult for some Americans to stop being American.
CDC and health professionals say people need to maintain safety precautions to avoid transmission of the disease while attending such traditional get-togethers and celebrations.
  • 1 day ago
The White House directed the distribution of 23 million ineffective and potentially dangerous hydroxychloroquine tablets to coronavirus patients in hard-hit areas around the country, setting aside the mandatory safety controls put in place by the Food and Drug Administration.
The already tricky business of contract negotiations has been complicated by the uncertainty of when venues will reopen.
Michigan high school student fights penalty for learning too much.
The total number of infections reported nationwide since February is virtually guaranteed to reach 9 million on Friday, just 15 days after the tally hit 8 million. At least 228,000 deaths have been linked to the coronavirus.
School leaders worry about budget fallout as enrollment figures become clear
Report says the lack of a national strategy and administration meddling have cost lives.
The blue chip index posts its second-consecutive monthly loss after a resurgence in coronavirus cases rattles investors.
The president's unfailing optimism, over time.
The region’s average number of daily infections is hovering just below a record set on May 31.
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In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
In April 2020, The Post spoke to shop owners and residents of Venice hoping to bounce back after 2019’s historic flooding. But then came the pandemic.
In Venice, hopes for another rebirth after the coronavirus outbreak
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Why covid-19 isn't going away anytime soon
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The surreal experience of flying during the pandemic
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How one visa program keeps America fed
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